Looking for a Started Dog


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Well guys, with my beloved Elle probably only days from being put down due to a spinal tumor I'm posting this. I'm not looking for a dog immediately, next spring would really be better unless the right one comes along.

I'm looking for a started dog 2-5 years old. Maybe one that someone has to re-home due to personal health reasons, etc. It has to be a female and I would prefer a Brittany, but I would consider another pointing breed such as a English Setter, Gordon Setter, Red Setter, Small Munsterlander, Large Munsterlander, etc. Not interested in an English Pointer or a GSP. Nothing against those breeds, just personal preference.

The dog would be an in-the-house dog, pampered and loved. But the dog needs to come from champion field trial blood lines as I would want to run the dog in NSTRA field trials. Living in South Dakota the dog would get plenty of exposure to wild birds. I have open fields with pheasants in them right out my door.

If anyone in the next few months comes across a potential dog please shoot me a PM. Thanks.