Lets See Your Dogs..post some pic's

Tessa and the pelican.
Fun day at Fiesta Island San Diego. We usually go here every weekend.
This is the first time we have seen pelicans near this beach. It dove 3 times and she swam after it twice without a fetch command.
All the great pictures you guys share & the fact that it's not pheasant season make me miss it even more. Here are a couple of my favorites from last season.

This was the result of about an 8-10 bird flush in a food plot. There should've been another rooster to retrieve, but I missed the 2nd one.:mad:


Ace was charging after a rooster I'd just shot when this happed. This time, we got them both.:D

Nice, Elhew?
Yes. I got her from Hackberry Kennels in Shelby Iowa. She was a little young this fall, so I had her out a few times by myself, and took her to South Dakota with me as well. Just wanted to expose her to things. I have high hopes for her. We have a lot of work to do, but she's coming along nicely. Plus, she is just a ton of fun, especially if I can get her off my wife's lap.
My young boy Goose hanging out at home on the left. He is at "camp" right now working on birds and whoa training. My wife is fighting cancer and going through chemo and needs my full attention, so I decided to give him to a local gun dog trainer I know to get him off the couch and into the field for a few months. My GSP Belle last fall training on a warm day and my old Vizsla Abby....she doesn't hunt anymore in her old age but she is my wife's constant companion and helps her get through the bad days.


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