Iowa hunting atlas?

We once hunted an thick grassy area in Iowa that was pitted with sink holes, we left in a hurry before our group was injured. No bird is worth an injury. C'mon PS and 515, stay positive. Save negative for other sites.
Focus on my last sentence. Blame needs to fall on the one initiating in childish behavior on other posts. Mods on this site are clearly not doing their job.
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Wonder if that atlas lists all public hunting areas (wpa, gpa, ihap) with roads over layed?

Tentatively planning a first trip to Iowa, since Kansas and Nebraska locations that I frequent are suffering from long term drought and crp conversions. So sad for those 2 states.
It won't have all of them unfortunately
Early December should be good just keep in mind that our shotgun deer season starts the 2nd and runs through the 17th.

Very good point that has been skimmed over.

You are going to have 15-20+ guys walking each public hunting area from daylight to dark, slinging slugs at anything that runs. It is as dangerous as it sounds.

You will not get permission on any private land as an out of stater this time of year, as family or friends will be deer driving it or someone has it leased.

It may not be worth the trip through Iowa.