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no posts here. hummmm
I have relocated to Juneau. We've had a busy year getting house up to snuff etc., testing new boat and sadly we had to put our lab down. I'll be checking the new puppies on and then as we are looking for a pup probably in the spring.
I'll post more on the family hour type forum here, but figured Alaska needed some kind of showing.


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Hey there Rednose. Sounds like you survived the move. I imagine your glad to be back up in Alaska?

Sorry to hear about your lab.:( Best of luck finding a new pup.

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I'd love to go hunting up there some day for those ptarmigan, I've also heard about respectable grouse hunting (blues, ruffs and even sharps). Sorry to hear about your dog rednose, be sure to share some pics of the new pup, scenery, birds when you get settled in.