I made it to another hunting season.......


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As hard as it is to believe another bird season is upon me. Huns, chukar, quail and pheasants beware. I have pent up blood lust that has been building for 9 months and a dog that loses her mind every time that I start sorting through my hunting gear.


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Well, I made my first hunting trip of the year. COVID put a serious, permanent hurt on my lungs but I made it three days and had a ball. Actually, I made it through 2 days and the third I was a permanent blocker. I am paying the price now but it was very worth the pain. Went to eastern Oregon with 4 good friends and found lots and lots of quail. It looked like the quail managed three clutches of chicks this year. I have never seen as many young birds as I saw this year. Some are so young that I really question whether they can make it through the fall and winter. The pheasants were pretty scarce though, and that is what the Oregon Game and Fish forecasted. I have three more trips to eastern Oregon this fall/winter and am looking forward to each of them!!


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Thanks, I just healed up from the last trip to Oregon and am headed back again. Going down to the Owyhee Mountains for some chukar and quail. Hopefully it doesn't snow to much more.