I know it's early.......but i am already concerned


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some states are refunding and denying turkey tags to NR's, due to the fear of spreading the virus.
with some predicting no end in sight until June or later, i am wondering if the pheasant season may be in jeopardy before this all subsides?
there is talk of a recurrence of this virus in China already, we shall see.
one guy per vehicle would be hard to enforce....6 foot rule, forget it.

this is one helluva mess!


People will still come. Bet the river still has trucks and boats from Minnesota this weekend. Even though the whole state has been ordered to stay in place. Read an article in the Duluth paper about fishermen sneaking out.

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I would be very surprised if South Dakota were to stop issuing non-resident hunting tags. But, I've been surprised a lot this spring.

Regardless, the SDGF&P has already said that public land locations within the state are strictly limited to South Dakota residents between the ages of 40 and 40 1/2 years old, and the only dogs allowed are yellow lab females. Other than that, it's wide open. ;)


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I live in Minnesota and we are encouraged to get outside and exercise so I went to the game farm last weekend and shot some roosters! Our group was usually divided by about 20 yards between each person and everyone was just fine! What I don't care for is the "Big Brother" people who want to call into a hotline and tell the world that someone is doing something that they don't approve of! Good grief what are we a communist country?

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One guy + one dog per truck. I'm good. So far I'm thinking nesting season has potential to be really good! I just hope a lot of those fields that didn't get planted last year dry up enough for farmers to plant. It's a little early to tell, but winter wasn't really very bad & so far spring is relatively dry. Still about a month from peak nesting time though. I'm optimistic.