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It is damaged from all the flooding this spring. They had to wait for the water to recess before they were able to start on it.


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there are a few areas where they have you on a 2 lane but traffic seemed to flow real well. There are no detours off of I 29. We got off in sioux city on our northbound trip because traffic seemed to be running slow but it was about 8:30 to 9:00am and expected. Nothing major. Have a good trip.


Thanks shooter36. My son and I will be heading out on Sat. morning Nov.5 and arriving in Chambelain S.D. on Sunday night Nov.6 for a 3 day hunt. It is a VERY LONG DRIVE but worth it to me, as we have NO PHEASANTS here in Maryland, only preserve birds. This will be my third trip to S.D. and my son's second.


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We are going to be in SD about the same time.
We hunt about 40 miles NW of Mitchell. Reports are mixed...bird numbers definitely down.
Let's compare notes when we get back!