Hunters Point Kennel

LC Smith

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I am looking at a yellow pup from them and was looking for some more recent comments and experiences you all might have. I will use the dog as a family dog, summer boat dog, pheasant and quail dog, and some waterfowling. Thanks in advance for your insights. I have spoken to Justin a couple times and have been impressed with the talks.


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Study the pedigree's. He has some nice breedings. Most importantly go visit the kennel and watch the dogs work. See how clean the kennel runs are and have him show the dogs working the field. Anyway can talk a good game.


I don’t have any first hand knowledge of Hunters Point. But I am friends with Doug Dodge the owner of Woodrow. Doug knows more about genotypes and gene mapping in dogs and hogs than anyone I know. Doug and I train to gather occasionally and compete against each other regularly. If Doug trusts them, I’m sure you can. Get a Woodrow pup, he’s a cool dog!
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