How's everyone doing?


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Just got back from 3 days of hunting. took 4 dogs and saw 500+ birds. Averaged 10 miles per day but not bad. Shot some birds but could have limited every day. Birds were very spooky for this time of year.
yes bird population appears to be up, but birds acting a little strange. every field we have hunted when the dog get up a bird and you shoot the whole field ahead of you erupts !!! we hunt the rest of the crp field, 20-40 acres, and the dogs don't even get birdy.. strange they are bunched so close . and way too much standing corn in nc iowa... with water standing in alot of it.


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Pretty much the same as the last two years... birds are certainly spooky this early which is odd, but I noticed that last year as well.


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Hunted opening weekend and again this last weekend. NW part of the state. Lots of birds. They were sitting super tight for us. Quite a few flushed underfoot or behind us if the dogs missed them. No complaints from me on the number or quality birds this year.


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Had my first bird trip to Iowa this weekend. Great time to be out there after the snow fall Friday night. Birds were sitting right and the dog was a champ all weekend. Hunted NW and I would say the birds numbers were about the same as last year. Will be back again in a couple weeks

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I got out for a quick hunt last week in Guthrie County on some public. I took a one hour walk and saw plenty of birds. I got one nice older rooster by myself with no dog. I probably saw 12 birds, both hens and roosters, in that short walk. Small sample size I realize but there sure seemed to be plenty of birds out there. I look forward to some snow hunts as the season progresses.