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Pheasant Hunting Group Builder Policy & How-To

The Purpose of the Group Builder Forum is for Groups of hunters that would like to hunt in a larger group in order to take advantages that go with having a larger group but are not able to put together the size group they want out of their own resources. Example: A Group of 2 is looking for another group of 2 to be able to book at hunt with an outfitter that requires a minimum group of 4.


Be specific! Place a vague ad and you'll get a vague response. Place a detailed ad and you success will increase.

When posting a request to others to join you group (classified) you should list as many requirements about your group and the ideal hunters that would make up your total group. Examples would be: Type of dogs or if you have dogs at all and need dogs, how you like to hunt, how many days you want to hunt, budget for hunt, your location and destination you want to hunt in, time of year/season you want to hunt, what you want to hunt (i.e. pheasant, sharptail, deer, waterfowl, etc), year that you are organizing hunt for (i.e. this year/next year), what is the largest group size you would want to organize for, (some outfitters offer discounts for bigger groups), types of outfitters or specific outfitters wou are looking to book with, type of outfitter services you want to use (i.e. self-guided, semi-guided, fully-guided.)


Please use Private Message (PM) as much as possible as not to clutter up the forum board with info not useful to common user of this forum. Additionally, please close the post (or post that the hunt group is filled) when the group has been filled by posting that the group has been filled.

Hope you guys find this tool useful and make some new friends. Thanks.

Ryan (Aka Webguy)
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