How high does wild Pheasant fly on a typical flush


Guys, I'm practicing my crossing shots on clay pigeons at my club on an adjustable trap. I was able to connect pretty well this morning on both left-to-right and right-to-left shots, which was kind of a rare morning for me. My question is: I am thinking most flushes from a wild rooster will have the bird about 15' to 30' high when its in the air and heading for the next county ( or wherever he is determined to get to). I want to practice my shots at an elevation that will mimic real world, wild pheasant shots. Am I on the right track ?


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If you are the poster at the end of a field or grove an occasional 30' opportunity may come your way and by that time the bird is really motoring!

I had a chance on one last winter that was very high; the lead was at least 3-5 feet ahead of the bird! I did shoot it, but it was a fluke...

We have a sporting clay range that has a bird at 30-40 feet and really moving - I seldom hit it...

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Usually just over the tops of the weeds or in the clouds.:thumbsup: