How Have You Been Doing So Far?


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Hey all, just thought I'd see how you all are fairing this year (hunting that is). It's been a couple of tough weeks for us. Early season was okay, about like last year. A lot of our prime areas now have cows in them for grazing because of the drought. The weather has been good, very good with the exception of some pretty windy days (like today!)

We have been seeing quite a few hens, but the roosters are either wild and won't hold points, or they just aren't there.

We got some snow so that will change the complexion somewhat. about you folks?


heading out this thursday for a few days going to base in dickinson may go south or north see what the weather says how much snow did you get in the NW
Yes the NW was spotty. lots of wind and dry which made poor scenting. okay numbers of birds,not great,but decent. Have done better,but also have seen much worse. Snow should make finding them easier.
I am kind of West/Central. Kind of a grind. A little spotty but there are birds out there. Usually get 1 or 2. Limits are rare. Probably a majority are old birds.