Hip waders


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I am looking for recommendations for hip waders. Not so much for hunting more for work so they need to be durable.


Lacrosse or Ranger always made tough boots for trapping or the like. I have not bought an actual pair in 16 or 17 years. It sure is wet up your way, hope it dries up for you. Some of the newer waist high waders are pretty tough and its easier to avoid the dreaded wet crotch.


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I go to a trapping conference every year and our Conservation Officers that put it on all wear the same hip waders - so I went and bought a pair. They are made by Dan's and they are called Frog Legs. The boot can be Dan's, Muck, or Lacrosse and they weld chaps that come up to your belt on those. They can be rolled down and worn like boots when you don't need the hip waders. They are a bit floppy when worn like that, but its nice to wear even deer hunting to prevent wet muddy legs from the ATV/UTV and bloody splatter from skinning deer. Very comfortable, light and according to the CO's long lasting. They are a little more than just the boots, but you really get two boots in one.