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Team -

It has been many moons since I posted, yet I still sign on this site nearly weekly to see what is going on with the future of the birds I love to hunt in PA. Not much activity on the site these days.

When I first moved to PA, things were very active on this site. Many hunters and conservationists with a common interest in both Wild Pheasants and the future of Pheasant Hunting were sharing their excitement for our state's program.

Personally, I am happy with the Pheasant stamp. Perhaps disappointed that the WPRs didn't take off more so than they did, but still happy wild birds exist. All the stuff we shared on this site that was just vision at the time that has since come to fruition.

My father was a pheasant hunter in PA in the heyday and while not like then, we Pennsylvanians (not all of us native) and those who choose to visit our state still get to hunt pheasants on public land. Impressive against all odds. Our program thrives.

I send this post in hope of rekindling some activity on the upcoming season (something I personally look forward to every year).

Also, very interested if anyone noticed broods on the state game lands in places where for the first time hens and roosters where stocked last season. Is it even possible for those birds to breed?

Take care all and hope you have a safe and exciting 2109 season. Hopefully, we can all share some stories and excitement for the 2019 season.
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Rest assured the excitement is as great as ever, the activity level here follows the same path as most Forums with less activity for various reasons , for instance I see you have just six posts despite being an active follower.
Looks to be another great season, just had the pups out this morning and they'll raring to go!
Stay in touch and post often !
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Good luck this year and thanks for the response. Now I remember why I only have made six posts ...

Have had my Britt out too (lots of fun) and have been asked to take some "up and comers" on the youth hunt. Did it last year and had a great time. Looking forward to 2019/20.