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Hello to all, my name is Jason I am live in Berrien County and I am new to bird hunting. It has always intrigued me but I never had the opportunity to do it.
I am in the process planning a hunt at a nearby preserve Vonweider Kennel and Upland Meadows anyone have any experience with them? Any advice to a new hunter would be appreciated.
oh are there any other areas around my area that I can look into? anyone want to show me the ropes :)

Well I called the â??onweider Kennel and Upland Meadowsâ?�about setting up a hunt and was told that they are a private club and member dues are $750/yr and a $300 initiation fee and would be $20/brd.

Wow didnâ??t know that hunting was a rich person sport:rolleyes: :eek:
That is high... Keep looking and find one that will allow you to do an "intro" hunt. The other part that may add on is if you will need to "rent" dog(s) and handler.

Happy hunting!
On one of the other sites that I read, there was a positive review of "Royal Flush" back in 2006. I have no idea where in Indiana it is, but it may be worth a search.
I wish I could come in Oct but I will be getting married on the 19th of Oct.. But I will still call you so we can set something up.
Hi Jason

Hi Jason,
We have a nice Hunting Preserve in Michigan. We are located North of you. We have 123 acres in our Preserve. We just started having hunts 1 1/2 years ago, so like you we are kind of new to it as well. Before that we raised the birds and let them go trying get the bird population back up, but to many predators. So we started having hunts. It's been fun. We have a web site you should take a look at, www.wingsringspheasant.com. Check it out.

Good luck,
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