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Looking for a started GSP ASAP. Looking for a dog 6 months to 1 year old. My dog needs to put to sleep unexpectedly and want something for this upcoming season.



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I looked a little closer at the GSP that Steve Chang has in Colorado. WOW, for $1,000 that boy is a steal.


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sorry to hear, what happened?
Good luck in your search
He was originally diagnosed with Addison's a month ago then last Thursday we went out for a walk and he went down. Hasn't walked since Thursday. Went to a neuro specialist and they believe its nerve damage? We didn't have them fully investigate as the initial expense to find the Addison's was $1800 then we just dropped $400 with the Neuro specialist. 3 months prior he had a severe prostrate infection that ran us $700.
I'm financially drained at this point and borrowing money from family just to get a dog in the field. I couldn't live without a dog.


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Here's a couple for you. I personally know each of these breeders and they are very honest and reputable guys.
Just talked to the guy in ND and wanted $4000 for a 18 month old dog that has never hunted wild birds :eek:

I left a message for Steve and would love to have that dog. Maybe I'll even start field trialing again with that dog.


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I have been going to Von Weider Upland Meadows to get help training my Small Munsterlander. George has a nice line of GSP's out there. I think he has a couple started dogs for sale. Super nice people good looking dogs. I think his short hairs are a little smaller than most. The dogs would come steady to flush and force fetched depending on how much training or how old the dogs are I think is what the price is based on. I would at least check it out before deciding on any thing else.