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I was wondering the same thing.

Any recommendations on GSP breeders within 100 mile radius of KC.
I will be looking for a pup in a few months and would like to see the parents work. Hunt pheasant and quail usually, Ks, Ok, Ia, Mo.


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Maximus, Many of your well established breeders will have their pups spoken for long before they are born. Best to plan out well in advance and get a deposit down and get on a list early. The not so well known breeders are much more likely to have some pups that are not spoken for when born.

That said, I will always use and recommend Top Gun kennels near Cedar Rapids Iowa. They are well known and highly regarded when it comes to breeding a cooperative, easy training GSP for the average hunter.
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Thanks. Just moved here in December and am currently renting. Will be buying a house in a few months. Have to wait until then to add another dog that's why I am asking now so I can do my research. I prefer a heavy dose of Dixieland bloodline. Have had a few sons and daughters of Luke. Bred a granddaughter of Rusty to Luke in early 90's.All bird hunting machines and very Biddable. Current GSP has heavy Rusty lines throughout pedigree but he is 3-4 generations back. Not stuck on this line since there are a lot of good GSP lines out there.Just want a head start on finding the right breeding for me.

Thanks Terry


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I have friend that purchased a shorthair from Muddy Creek. While there he felt like the dog he ended up with was more pushed on him rather than being able to pick out what he liked. He said that they had a bunch of dogs more along the line of a mill. Also stated that the owners wife would shoot bb's at the dogs to keep them from barking. All in all not a great experience. When he returned home with the dog, it was very hard for him to get the dog to come to him when called like the dog was scared of him. He no longer has the dog, someone unfortunately poisoned it when it got out of his fence. I know this because I was looking at a shorthair breeder at the time, but decided to wait.