GSP free to a good home.


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I have a spaded female GSP that is a house dog and good hunter. She turns 8 years old in June. We want to downsize our pack if a suitable home is found.
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I have a few questions:
  1. Any aggressive behavior (e.g. other dogs, cats, food aggression, etc.)
  2. How long have you had her?
  3. Registered...?
  4. Training...(is she steady to wing, pointing and retrieving skills, etc.)
  5. Where is she located; and, are you willing to help with a meet?
Thanks for sharing information. I rescue and move a lot of owner surrender GSP's; just need some answers?
1. No aggression to others or food, but has not been around cats.
2. Since she was four months old.
3. Has papers, but was never registered.
4. Steady to wing, good tracker. Will leave a tooth mark on about half the birds, but not bad.
5. We are in Helena, MT.
Lucy is her name, and she would be perfect for someone as a house pet, who is a casual hunter. She has no health issues. I hate to see her waiting for her turn, because I want to get more time with the younger pup this fall.
I hope she gets a new home soon. A GSP WAITING for a turn to hunt...that is that cruel and unusually treatment! Mine have never been much on waiting once season is here. Someone must need a dog here.