Grouse Hunting - Lower UP

Trying to get an idea if it's worth it to hunt some grouse on an upcoming business trip to Grand Rapids area. Looks like Manistee is not that far away and is huge area. I'd try to time it with the opener.

Any recommendations in terms of area and dog friendly hotels would be appreciated. I'm not looking for honey holes but where we be a good spot to set up base.

Holy crap out of state license for $ 151 for full season..Ouch.. that hurts..

Lots of views. No replies... I'm not looking for anyones honey hole just a good place to stay and establish a home base.
Upper part of the lower peninsula is good as well. Look around Grayling / Gaylord areas. Hunted there twice. Decent numbers , no other hunters.
Manistee area worth a look? It's pretty close to where I'm going for business. Not to mention I love the brew pub scene in Grand Rapids.
Always good to get out, that time of year the birds normally are bunched up together in broods. Thick cover but you can get closer to the birds, and bonus of local woodcock. Manistee, Cadillac all nice areas, find some creek bottoms and thick elder with edges, maybe some raspberries in the area. Be ready and be fast for some quick shooting.
As far as the $150 for out of state license, that is pretty steep for the population of grouse in this state. However if you have the time and can afford it, it's always fun to get out.
Bird dog, use the address below to look at cover types it should be fairly user friendly. If you have issues pm me and I can help you or give you a call. Manistee area will have both state and fed land to hunt and you should have a good hunt. Woodcock opens on the 19th so you can double your pleasure if you are still around on Saturday.
season thus far

woodcock is over now wont make it out again until dec for grouse. thus far have been able to enjoy 19 days hunting bagged 31 woodcock and 9 grouse between myself and a few friends all hunting over my dog. the dog is getting pretty good at holding point on woodcock but the grouse are super hard to get a solid point on. no lost birds all shot were found and retrieved most to hand unless it was hot out seems like the dog spits them out when hes painting hard on a hot day