Greetings From Canada


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Opening Day in Saskatchewan.
Beautiful Weather
Great Company
Good Dog Work

limit was 3 pp. So I bagged the 1st two within the 1st 30 minutes and then my buddy got a quick double and then my dog got into the action and picked a very young (half colored) rooster out of a wood pile and then last rooster gave a great cackle and there was a pop and.....very satisfying day.
Congrats! hopefully we will mirror your success this Saturday down here in MT. Finally received a little moisture and the cooler temps have moved in, sounds like Sat. is going to be a near perfect day for bird hunting.


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Went out to SE Sask.
Rainy, wet snow conditions.
Birds were not found in nearly the same #'s however. Did find birds in nearly every spot we stopped.

Weird day because of the moisture....they held super tight....and for the 2nd hunt in a row, The pup picked up a immature rooster right out of the cover and brought it in alive.

Drove around and found some birds feeding up high on a hill with a valley right below. My friends walked directly at birds while I was down below. Very exciting flushes except with the light was difficult to determine the young roosters from hens....about 15 birds got up and I was in perfect position however had to hold my shots because I wanted to be sure.

Managed to bag one fully colored young rooster.

It almost appears that we have had two hatches here. Lots of young partial colored birds mixed in with fully colored young birds.

Heading down to paradise tomorrow morning.



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VERY interesting report! What are your harvest figures like? Is there a lot of hunting pressure?
Love the picture!


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Fantastic hunt and photo!