Golden Pups in Colorado?


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Hi all, my hunting buddy Doc just passed in his sleep last Saturday. I adopted him about 16 years ago and he turned into a very diverse hunter but more importantly a very well mannered family dog. My family and I want to get another golden with the red coat like Doc. I have located at least one breeder in CO so far. We are looking for a pup to bring home in the spring. If any of you know of a breeding which will produce pups then, please let me know. I will sincerely take a look at the breeder and pups.

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What a great looking dog. I am not in Colorado but I am expecting a litter around easter weekend that would be ready to go to their new homes in the middle of May. A great resource to check into is you can look exclusively for a type of dog and in a state as well. Good luck in your search! Sorry for the loss.