Fort Chaffee


This coming season will be my 2nd season hunting quail. Last season I hunted on preserves in MO and in Chester, AR. I also spent a lot of time in Kansas hunting wild quail.

I hear Fort Chaffee is the only place in AR where a guy and his dog could find a wild covey or two. Does Fort Chaffee have a decent quail population? Is it worth jumping through all the hoops to be able to hunt there?
I get the Fort north of Little Rock, and the Fort south east of Ft. Smith confused? I hunted both, The one by Little Rock, was timber cruising, few quail, everybody hunted by jeep. The one by Ft. Smith, had spectacular hunting, they make a point of it! For me it was a check in at the gate, a permit, and a short course to learn closed areas, rules, etc. But that was before the dreaded "Home Security" Agency. I have no idea what it takes now. "If you require safety, rather than freedom, than you deserve neither!" Ben Franklin.
It's the one by Fort Smith. Good to hear you had some luck out there. I think I'll head that way this season. Are there a lot of other hunters around when you go out there?
Since then, I belief it is one area where there ARE quail, I doubt you will be alone. I have heard chatter about the Ouchita National Forest? There is a lot of effort into native grass over a large area, like a quail emphasis area open to hunting. Good Luck. Wasn't to long ago Arkansas was the place to go late in the season.