First Trip Out West, Going to SE WY

I'll be going solo with the dog in SE WY October 11th-18th chasing sharptail and blue grouse. Coming from Eastern Iowa (and never having been west of Iowa), the wide open spaces and seemingly unlimited public land is very daunting. The regional upland biologist gave me enough info on the sharptails around Wheatland that I should be able to figure something out. If anyone has an opinion on hunting any particular part of the the snowy or sierra ranges for blues I would appreciate the guidance. Depending upon the weather and deer/elk hunters I may be stuck with whatever is accessible and devoid of other hunters.
Thanks for any assistance.
The birds seem to have mastered flushing just out of range. I got one more today and found at least one bird in all 5 spots I tried. Hard to get close to a bird that like short grass and wheat stubble but thats the challenge I guess.
Broke out my dads camp stove from when he was in boy scouts 55 years ago, still works great. I cooked the sharptail as simply as possible, oil and light seasoning salt, to see what it tastes like. The bird was delicious, better than pheasant in my book. I got snowed out of Wyoming, I'll be hunting the sandhills of Nebraska for the next two days for sharpies and hopefully a prairie chicken. 20211014_192902.jpg