Finally got out with Tinker


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I've had some trepidation about being able to get out pheasant hunting this year with my old legs. I've been walking regularly, but recovery takes longer these days. Wasn't sure of how I'd do.
Finally got Tinker out and we walked a portion of the State land near here. One other guy out there, and while Tink did a good job of searching, not much drew her attention.
About 2/3s of the way in, she got birdy, locked into a point, then moved about three feet ahead and locked up again...then perked her head and first slowly, then in quick-step tracking moved forward and the bird went up. I drew feathers with the right barrel (imp cyl) and downed the rooster with the left (mod.)

Tinker was a peach, with good searches and a fine retrieve. I can honestly say I've hunted another year. I'll see what the physical repercussions will be, but I'm hoping I'll have a bit of a season.

10-2020 1st pheasant with Tinker 1.JPG

10-2020 1st phesant with Tinker.JPG
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Nice write up and pictures. I hope you keep recovering. I've always enjoyed your posts.
Have a great season,


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Well, Tink and I have been out 3 times to the State hunting grounds. No joy the second visit, except that my legs held up, although I am taking care not to attempt too much strenuous walking at one time.
Today, day 3, was one of Wisconsin's best days: sunny, about 40-some degrees, slight breezes, dry ground, and few others out. Just the weather and the hunting grounds made the day worth-while and memorable. A "happy to be alive" day, if that makes any sense to you.

Tinker worked well and trailed and then held what turned out to be two birds about 30 yards down on the slope of the ground. The first one flushed up and away and I missed entirely, but in swinging back to the second bird, which had come up a few seconds after the first, I tracked and dropped.

My idea of a great day.
Tinker 10-27-20 best 3 Second pheasant.JPG

Tinker 10-27-20 second pheasant.JPG


Beautiful pictures I can understand about getting the legs back, had a knee replacement in March ended up gaining 75 lbs during the summer takes me longer to recover than before. I'll be hitting 67 in a couple of weeks only thing that keeps me going out is the dogs love to see them work.