Eye On The Prize

See, this is why I'm a springer guy. They train ME so quickly & completely that I'm oblivious to any of my dog's shortcomings. It's just easier that way.

The brown & white kind are better trainers than the black & white or tri-color kinds, for me anyway. Maybe other breeds are ALMOST as brilliant. ;)
My dad had 3 Brown and white Springers.One was good, one was mediocre, and one was not very good. So he was one, for 3, with springers.
My dad had Springers when he was young, and a decent hunter.They were good Bird dogs, and family pets.Later in his life, he had golden retrievers. Those dogs only hunted once a year, and they were just sort of our there. I'm not going to say training is not necessary, but just hunting a dog a lot, is training in itself.My opinion of course.
I was actually able to turn one of those privileged, elitist dogs, In To a reasonably decent Bird dog, after about 5 years!!