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This is the third brood that this pair have done this year. The past couple of years, they couldn't pull a brood off but this year they are making up for it.

Every Eurasian Dove, I see is still in town! how do we get them out to hunt!

A ripe sunflower field with water nearby. :thumbsup:
I came across this situation near Malta MT a couple years ago. :eek::)
Old and new, here in NM. You can hunt them during the regular dove season. There is not a limit on them. But, the birds are a semi rural bird and don't migrate as do Mourning Doves. These birds can take a hit well.

BTW, has anyone seen anything mentioned in the NM proclamation on hunting dove? Maybe waiting until the migratory regulations come out.
They really like the feed lots out here. Fly out of town to feed. I get in their path and do well. A friend of mine has seen them kill 4 morning doves at his place and has been picking the Eurasians off ever since. I did not know they were that aggressive. We can shoot them all year ! They do not migrate but do colonize. They will pick up and leave for new areas to do this. Much tougher to bring down then there counter part!
I sure see them, but in a small Missouri River town, and around the RR crossing and elevator a mile a way. They seem to be happy about bird seed feeders, and wasted grain, but they never seem to leave, to a free fire zone.
In MT there is no limit or season on the Eurasians doves.
They do like the towns and hang out by the elevators in large flocks.
Lots of kids and others have pellet guns. :confused:
And I doubt if anybody cares?
I haven't seen any in this part of IL yet but looking forward to when they move in. If they taste anything like morning doves I think we'll be in for a real treat:)

Good luck on those doves in NM this coming season:thumbsup:
I can tell you it does not take them long. I use to shoot 2 or 3 each time I went out. The next year it was 7 or 8 and the next year it was 20! 2 years ago 2 guy's shot 77 where I hunt in one day. Mourning Doves have gone the other way. I struggle to shoot 15 just because their numbers are not there where I hunt like they use to be. Now, when I go to another spot , I only see Mourning Doves.:thumbsup:
I have seen research that the Eurasians are beneficial to mourning doves. I assumed they compete for habitat, but the research showed that mourning doves increased with the advent of Eurasians. ??????