Eastern Iowa Report

Seems like most of the conversation is about NW IA, so I figured I'd start a feed about Eastern Iowa.
I haven't had a lot of chances to get out (work and weather). But here's what I'm seeing.
Iowa River Corridor - Hunted a full day a week ago and didn't see as many birds as I was hoping to. Similar to what I've seen in the past, but with more hunters around. I hunted in the middle of the week and I still saw several other trucks. Couple out of staters as well.
Only saw one rooster, a young one, that I shot and throughout the rest of the day, Otis successfully tracked and flushed 8 hens.
That area was hit really hard opening weekend. I wasn't able to hunt since I had my daughter, but we went for a drive to see how many people were out and it was thick. I know there are plenty of birds out there, but I'll probably wait to hunt this area until later in the year when it's colder and there is less pressure.

Buffalo Creek - I hunted up in this area yesterday for half a day. I hit one small spot that is out of the way and a good walk to get to and didn't see a single bird. Disappointing, as the cover was perfect! I moved to a much larger track for the last hour of the day and found a good number of birds, but they were all flushing very wild and very far out. So far that I couldn't tell if they were rooster or hen. The positive note on this is that I finally closed in on some roosters at 4:25 and was able to get a shot off before closing time. I missed. LOL. Super thick cover and in a big hurry is what I'm blaming it on.
I was pretty deep into that track, so I had quite a walk back to the truck but I heard a lot of crowing. So I know there are decent numbers in there. They have a lot of places to hide on this one, so you'll have to work to get a bird. Planning on getting back out here soon.

Any other eastern Iowa guys want to chime in?
I've been out 10 or 11 days so far, walking 1.5-4.5 hours depending on how hot it was or if I had my limit. Somehow I have managed to bag a lot of birds, all but one of which were on public, even walking fields that had already been hunted that day. I have my dog to thank for this, he's nuts for birds and never quits. I have seen an amazing amount of people (and large groups) hunting on public ground and very few on private land. I slept in today and I was shocked to see I had several hundred acres to myself today, the dog found three roosters and we came home with three roosters. The numbers of roosters on the easy walking public areas is certainly declining but I'm sure once the bad weather pushes more birds into the public areas and most hunters call it a season there will be some great late season hunting to be had.


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