Dusky Grouse at altitude


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Sweet meadow.


Grouse country.


Creek in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.


Hunting buddy with a groue taken at over 9,000 ft.

Beautiful country, add a lot of buck brush and you basically have mountain quail habitat. I wish my mountains were that green this year. :cheers:
Threads like this keep me checking UPH constantly during the fall/winter months. I've never seen country like that first hand, nor have I hunted "Duskies", so I get some vicarious thrills when I see this stuff. Thanks for posting!

Now I'm really looking forward to the stories and pics from QH and his CA adventures.
I think they are a blast to hunt. A little easier to get lost then the plains. Scenery is definitley better, but the air is thinner...:coolpics:
Here's is another hunt with my pointer. Sangre de Cristos in autumn attire.


Stroll through aspen and spruce.

Man those are some beautiful mountains you patrol Escopeton. A day in a place like that recharges the spirit, with or without a bird in hand.:cheers:
Howdy fellas, I’m trying to plan a blue grouse hunt for this coming season. I have OnX maps and 2 GSP’s so I wouldn’t dare ask where your personal honey holes are. But can y’all at least tell me if im wasting my time looking for them near Taos and the Carson National Forest? More specifically San Antonio Mt area?
you are not wasting your time there. Good choice... The Carson has plenty of grouse all across it. Get above 9000ft and hunt the meadow edges and logging roads