Deep Freeze


Hey all, boy are we in the deep freeze, right now, where I live it's -20 (with a wind chill of -32). This cold snap and the Christmas holiday has sure put a crimp on the hunting this last week. My son is home on leave and we wanted to get out a few times, but man, this cold is something else. We went out for about an hour, and that's all we could stand. We didn't fire a shot, but did see a bunch, but wild. Supposed to warm up this week with temps in the 20's. Next week is the last weekend, so looks perhaps the good Lord will grant us a decent hunt. We don't have a lot of snow (yet), just the right amount to have a fun hunt in the snow.

Good Luck to those of you going out this week.

And.........Happy New Year to all!


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Happy holidays my friend, praying for nice weather to help the birds recover, with luck maybe we can get together for a hunt next fall☺