crowing counts up in NW, SE, NE...down a bit in SW...

So we know that crowing counts are not representative as to what the numbers in the fall are. But we also know that roosters will chase hens out of cover in bad winters and have better survival rates than the hens under certain rough conditions. So really crowing counts have nothing to do with the number of hens available to nest? Yet an increase in crowing counts generally means that there was a better overwinter survival? Brood counts are the best indicators, but then again the weather and field conditions during the survey can vary dramatically from year to year. Bottom line these surveys don't mean a whole lot, we are still going to chase the birds in the fall.


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I'm not a biologist, but I will take higher crowing counts vs. lower crowing counts; I think they give some indication as to a trend year-over-year....the SW part of the state had a decrease, and the gfp article suggests that that was related to the severe drought of 2017, and the effects of that still being felt...I do know that I have been to ND twice since 5/1, having driven from one side of the state to the other to visit a sick farmer, and then, to go to his funeral...I saw good #'s of birds, mainly roosters due to the time of the year I was there...and I was further North from the areas that would have been hit hard by the drought of 2017 and the severe storms of this past spring...liked what I saw and heard...more sharptail country where I was, but still saw good #'s of pheasants, and I have been hunting this area for about 7 years, so I have some sense for what #'s have been since about 2012...


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Looked at GFP site for crowing seems to be obfuscated! Can't



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I have not seen a brood yet in the sw part of the state but at the same time the cover is really looking good and thick this year. I do believe a lot of row crops will be delayed in harvest this year due to a later planting than usual but Mother Nature will dictate harvest. The crops seem a bit further behind but could be good to rebuild birds.