Combines Rolling ?

Finally seeing some combines on the corn here in Illinois. Got to believe they are going to be running hard this week with the weather being nice. Looks like a great weekend coming. Been at openers that were pushing 80 degrees.
Are they rolling in Sodak?


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Not much yet. We had some very wet days last week and very cool temps so it put a halt to much harvesting. Temps are on the rise today with sun and wind so that should help. But last week really set thing back.


A few combines started on beans today on the high ground. Not sure how wet the samples are. A few guys combining corn which is around 19% moisture, which is about 4% wetter than normal. Sunny and windy in NE South Dakota. I would guess in the next two days harvest will really take off. Seeing birds along the field edges. SDvikingView attachment 8540View attachment 8541

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Only 1% of corn got shelled last week in SD so that really gives you an idea of how wet it was across the whole state. From the guys I’ve spoken with in the NC part of the state it sounds like things will get rolling good tomorrow and by Friday Will be full go for everyone.


Talked to my contact out in the Huron area, they are waiting to get out on their beans. He was getting worried that if there was any more rain, they would start sprouting in the shells and it would be too late.

Fortunately for him, the forecast has been warmer and dry and I would have to think that by a week from now he should be almost done with the beans. Probably all the corn will be standing yet, so much for an early harvest. :(


Combines are rolling hard now. Bean fields are being completed at a rapid pace. Deer on the move big time and more birds now being seen along field borders. Corn not much corn activity, probably another week before farmers transition to Corn. SDViking