Buckle down out in Eastern Colorado


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Saw that there is possible severe weather for northeastern and eastern Colorado. Twisters, heavy rain and that H word....y'all be safe, God bless....

Meanwhile back at the ranch,



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Hey R-man. I haven't checked the forum in awhile. A couple of my hunting buds were out scouting in NE CO Sunday and talking with some of our landowner contacts. On July 28 there was a big hailstorm that did damage on a line from Oshkosh, NE down through Holyoke with hail up to 3". Lots of building, crop, and bird damage. There was another hailstorm with up to 3" hail around Fleming on Aug. 5. I talked to one farmer near Amherst and he said every building on the property needs a new roof.

Tough news!!