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Maybe this id the wrong place to be looking, but I'm wanting some advice on what breed lines and who has them of good field trial pointers. I am wanting to get into the pointing competitions in the national bird dog circuit and I'd like to get a lip out of someone who has proven lines in the field trials. Any input would be great!
Elhew is one of the more popular pedigrees that are proven in our area for english pointers. They are super big running dogs though. My grandpa had one. Hated it because he was too old to keep up with it. I liked it because it found birds at a rapid rate! He sold it to a guy that trialed on horseback. And it won quite a bit. If you let it out and there were birds 50 feet from the truck it would point them. And retrieve well. If the birds were 1000 yards from the truck and nothing i between, it would fly to the spot and stay on point till we got there. There are a lot of Elhew kennels in missouri


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Ok that's good information now does breed really matter either does one breed generally win more than others I couldn't find much on it really?
I think the Elhew dogs have more wins because there are more of em. Just like Red cars are more commonly stolen because there are more red cars in the world. I have hunted with and around probably 12 english pointers. Id say 8 of em were elhew dogs. And I never saw a bad one really. Depends on what type of hunter you are and what type of ground you're on. And how you train it. You can always train a dog to quarter closer to you but some dont want to take away from theyre natural range.


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Yeah that makes sense and more than anything I'm wanting a trial type dog which from what I understand you just want them to go find the bird as fast as they can and go on point and stay on point that's just from what I understand watching and reading different things.
Then you would want an english pointer. Setters will hunt about the same way. Seems like pointers are just a little lower maintenance with the short hair. There is a nice kennel in near Boonville Missouri. Great people. Plan on staying a while if you go. He has a preserve. And he will throw out 9 dogs at a time so you can see them all point and honor each other. He loves to show off! Name is Mack. Uses his mouth to whistle in the dogs. Three whistles and they all run back in their respective pens. Pretty impressive. He's retired of course. Lives the good life.
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I'm a little late on this but I hunt my pointing lab in similar events, you need to pick a dog that suits your life style and hunting style, these events are ever other weekend or so after season, train it and go compete.
We consistently run faster times than GSP's, English pointers etc.
it's a crap shoot, there is so many factors that play into these "runs" you could run in the middle of the day when the wind is blowing 15+ and scenting is poor vs the guy who runs after someone that leaves 2 birds in the field and now there's extra birds for the following run...
You could have a stellar run and have a safety happy hunter that can't stop the clock without yelling safety at every other bird and they beat your best but only shoot one bird.

The best advice I received this year from a guy who's been playing for 20+ years is to just go out and have fun with your dog, don't get mad if you have a bad run, just come back each run is like a new day! there's to many variables in this game.

Remember it's as important to be a great shot also, misses will kill a run quicker than a slow dog.

If you're set on a GSP I can pm you the top feeders in the pointer division in the 2 series we run. This is what they are bred for, tournament hunting.