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Some of you may have seen my other two threads that I posted regarding my 1 year old Brittany, but I have a question and am looking for clarity.

Our dog was adopted as a rescue this past spring, and has had a little bit of training, both diy and some one-off sessions from a couple of trainers. I now have the chance to put him in a board and train program for a couple of weeks, with the main goal being gunfire conditioning, steadiness, and better recall.

I'm starting to have second thoughts that this is a good idea though, given the dogs history. I liked this trainer, but I've never seen the facilities he will be staying in either. Not to mention, I'm going to have separation anxiety with the dog gone and not knowing how his kennel conditions are, etc.

I would love to train on my own, but this is my first bird dog as an adult and I'm not sure if I can do it myself, especially the gunfire conditioning. I live in town and don't have much room around me, bit there are multiple public tracts in and near my location.

Is a board and train with a rescue (1 year old, owned him for 8 months) a good idea? And how possible is it for someone in my situation (work full time) to do gunfire conditioning, etc. alone? Part of me feels that the board and train will be more efficient, and I really liked the trainer when we did a one on one session. But I still have an uneasy feeling about it.

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An old saying "you cant beat a man at his own game" applies in most cases. If your dog has good instincts for hunting there are several good books and videos available to help with training. A reputable trainer will quickly evaluate your dogs capabilities and save time and disapointment. I do not think any trainer can accomplish the items you desire in less than one month.


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Unfortunately I don't think this decision can be made by strangers over the internet.

PS 2 weeks isn't enough to achieve all you are hoping for.


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It's always harder for us to adjust than the dog when he/she goes off to a trainer for any length of time. Don't worry about it, the dog will be fine. However, I would not send my dog to any trainer that I have not personally inspected their facility or had some trusted personal references.

I also agree with others here that 2 weeks is not enough time. It will take at least 1 week for the dog to adjust. Also, how much is he charging you for this 2 week program? Where are you located? Maybe someone on this site can provide you with the name of a reputable trainer in your area.