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Hi guys,

I know it's early butI have my slots figured out for the 2019 South Dakota pheasant season at my hunting house. Most of my dates have been filled already with hunters who were here 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. I get many repeat hunters who are now friends. Some of the hunters post here on UltimatePheasantHunting. This is my fifth season running my pheasant hunting "Bed & Breakfast". It's worked out great as can be attested to by the many repeat guys who stay here.

We had great hunting last season even though the reports from around SD were still below average. I think I saw double the pheasants from the 2017 season in 2018. I personally averaged 3.00 roosters per day for the 28 days I hunted. I bought three 10 day licenses. This was mainly all on public lands.

The dates I have available are (five night slots):

October 23-27 for $450 (lodging only) ***2 slots available***

Nov 17-21 for $650 (includes lodging and 3 meals per day) ***FIVE spots available***

November 27 through December to season end for $450 per five night slot per person ***Flexible dates available***

***These prices are for the service specified.

I do not have private land included in these prices.

I am not a guide or outfitter.
I love pheasant hunting in South Dakota with my dogs so this is not a job for me. I am willing to give suggestions of places to hunt for the guys at the house.

I can get you in contact for private land hunting for $200/day/gun.

The house has a deluxe dog barn, WiFi, cable TV, indoor bird cleaning area, bird freezer, FULL size beds, Game room & a power recliners for everyone and clean bedding furnished. I have a lady who cleans the house and changes bedding between hunters.

PM me if you are interested in wild rooster hunting for 2019. Here are hunting photos all taken in 2018 season.

References gladly furnished from 2017 and 2018 hunters!

Bring your dogs as I have a nice barn I built with indoor kennels having outside individual runs for each dog.

Thanks for looking,


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Good Boy!

BM, oh I agree wholeheartedly...lol, l don't pay.... but Nugent, could just pass on by......'sides in other posts the Nugent says he'll pay$20-25 a day, soooooo?


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My comment had nothing to do with paying. Fees for this place seem very reasonable.

It had to deal with throwing my dog in a kennel at the end of the day. My hunting locations center on places where my dog can be with me in the evening.

I do not look down on the setup in-place at the BunkHouse and can see why his preference is to keep dogs out of the main house. Just not my cup of .....