Bird cleaning in Mitchell


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Headed out next week, hunting out of Mitchell.
A few years back when hunting out of Mitchell, we found a bird cleaning business operating out of a residential garage.
We would drop off the birds on the way back to the motel each night and they would clean and freeze them.
Then we just had to stop and pick them up on the way out or town.

Was very convenient just for the freezer space and not having to deal with birds, dogs and various tasks before dinner and relaxing.

Anyone have any info on if this is still around or if anyone else is doing it in Mitchell?

The ladies name is Tami. As of last year she was still in operation. He address is 412 S. Foster St. She drives a red f250 pickup. Look for the bird cleaning sign in her front yard.


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I bring 95% of my birds home untouched...been on 3 prairie trips thus far, same thing...sharpies and huns get cooled in frig or cooler with ice, clean them when I get home...breast most of my birds...
I try to age them a little. Unless I bust one pretty hard, I’ll leave them intact and refrigerate them for 4 or 5 days when I get home before plucking/ cleaning them.
If I recall, last year it was $4 per bird.
When you drop off your birds, bring in your hunting license and she’ll give you an account number. Everyday when you’re done hunting you just swing by her place, throw your fully feather birds in a box and write your account number on the paper card and place in the box with your birds. She’ll clean them, bag them, freeze then until your departure. The day before you leave settle up with Tami and she’ll have your birds in the “pick-up” freezer waiting for you. If you’d like tail feathers or wings to train the dogs with, just ask her and she’ll set some aside for you. When you pick up your birds from her they will be hard frozen, just toss them in a cooler, no need for ice. When I get home my birds are still solid frozen.


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Thanks. We camp when we are there at the KOA and do most of our own food. Going to be buying our groceries in Mitchell to help support the local economy. This just seems like another way to help.

And if anyone has any suggestions about a good diner in the area we would also like to support that some as well. Have to watch our expenses but still hope to help some.
Mitchell is a pretty commercial town, I don’t even know of a mom and pop diner in town.
They have a marlins diner and a Perkins for sit down breakfast or supper.
There’s a Ruby Tuesday’s and whiskey creek if you’re in the mood for BBQ.
There’s cattleman’s steak house if you
There’s a decent little Mexican restaurant right by cabelas called El Columpio. Then there’s all your commercial fast food chains.
For groceries I’d probably just hit Walmart for your one stop shopping needs.
I’ve never been to the depot but it has always looked appealing. For those that don’t know, the depot is on Main Street and Railroad. It’s actually not to far from the bird cleaning lady if you were to change out of hunting clothes, drop your birds off and loop over to the depot to end the night.


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The Hungry dog is a great homemade hot dog place we stop there every year on our way through. I know you are thinking why would I want a hot dog but trust me these are different and really good.
I just spoke with Tami. Last weekend she shut it down due to COVID. She deals exclusively with out of state hunters and was afraid of the exposure. As you all know, COVID numbers are going up, I don’t blame her for shutting it down, it’s her home business and I wouldn’t want my entire family exposed.


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Drives me crazy when folks don't keep the thighs on pheasants!!! Why wouldn't you keep them? Easy to fillet off.
I keep all my birds whole. I like to do a dry rub on my pheasant, then bacon wrap the entire bird and smoke it on the Traeger (low heat) for a few hours until the internal temp reads 165.