bad -bad lands

Sad but so true I'd say. I recently turned 67 and live in South Dakota--hope I don't live to see that happen here in SD but I'm worried that it will. :(
I knew this. But I am sorry to see it in print! It some how seems more vivid, like a combat scene. The world is changing, despite us. what other example do we need? An area from anybody, is not safe. Teddy R. wrote about killing a buffalo, he thought it might be the last one left in North Dakota, what would he think now? Not only the buffalo gone, so it's the habitat to support one? Will North Dakota look like the capital building in Oklahoma? I'm with Jim, I am 61, hope I miss this, at least I remember the SW North Dakota as it was. remember Missouri with a quail harvest of 4 million, Pennsylvania with a "wild" pheasant harvest over 1 million. Seems fabulously wild today.