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Well were trying we loss my Dad a month ago been tough. He couldn't small game hunt this pass year but his love for the sport is what got me into it. He did make it through the deer season that was a big deal to him. I always go back up to Bradford county the last day of the season to hunt/take stands down he didn't look good but really wanted to be with me. Late that Friday night before the last day I told him it wasn't worth it he was in bad shape he's been a heart patient for 23 years. I had a young boy with me to help with the trucks and stands and told him we should go to the emergency room up here but he said lets go to the one down home so were close to mom. I drove him down as we were driving that night we saw one of the biggest bucks we ever saw up there cross the road heading to our land and he said you help that kid get him I'm taking the day off..when we got there they said he had just a little pneumonia should be good to go in a few days..So back up to the cabin at 1 am I went. I was able to get the boy a really nice buck not the big one but a nice one for the last day.. On the way home as always I had to stop and talk to him about the hunt he was so happy the boy got a nice buck we laugh and talked about old times. He passed that night in his sleep.
I was able to get out goose hunting a couple times scene then and just ran in a BDC event up north this past weekend and drake was on is game what a was a long day he was a bird finding machine. So were ready to flush some birds this weekend with the PGC but we will be thinking of Dad he will be missed. Here's a few photos with my story because I'm not any good typing..



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Sorry for your loss.

Thanks for the sharing and nice pictures, too. Maybe we will see each other on Sunday at the meeting place for the flushing survey.


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Sounds good that would be great I'll be the one in the avalanche with the yellow lab hanging


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Great story and sounds like he was a great man. Reminded me precisely of my relationship with my dad. You are blessed.

I am sure he is extremely proud of your success in life and how you have taken to small game hunting and the outdoors.


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Losing a love one is one of the toughest challenges we will face. When that love one was also a great friend and hunting companion it's an emotion that a lot of people just can't comprehend. There something about spending time outdoors and hunting that makes the relationship so special. It's all the little things like stopping for coffee or talking about hunting at family gatherings while everyone else is talking about to us meaningless things. There is no off season, and sharing it with someone is priceless.
Those memories you and your Dad shared are what life is all about, and I am sure they meant as much to him as yourself, you were both blessed to have each other!
Remember this my friend...when you climb up into your deer stand from now on, your Dad will be with you, and I firmly believe that!

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My deepest sympathies on your loss. Thank you for sharing. He sounds like a great man and was a SportsMan to the end! :beer: