Arrived 11/5

Drove through dicey conditions the last 3 hrs of my drive...quite a few vehicles in ditches. Started snowing in the early morning on 11/6, wind picked up, snow coming down sideways for much of the hunt. Not a ton of bird contacts, but enough so that we were done by noon....memorable conditions! Birds hunkered down. Sunny today, a bit of wind...30 degrees right now...had some productive spots early on, got 5 fairly quickly so we just need one...drove 30 miles to see different country. Corn still up everywhere. Strange season! Birds down, yes, but still enough to have decent hunting. Hope the farmers can get their corn out before winter!
warmed up a lot and it got tougher...birds hanging in the corn...had to be more patient, waiting til the afternoon for the birds to come out and loaf in the grass, etc...#'s are decent, not great...but a ton of fun no matter!