Anyone for Kansas part II ? 1/14-1/16


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Had a much better than expected trip to central Kansas a couple of weeks ago so I'm heading back out on 1/13 to hunt 1/14,15 & 16.

If anyone is interested in meeting up drop me a P.M.

Happy Holidays and may your shot patterns be great for 2014.



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I am heading out there bout same time but I'm unable to go on weekends...I will be there Monday thru Thursday


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Great trip, Birds everywhere. All of us limited out by noon and the poker games started at 1:00pm. They were also shooting a Swedish Upland bikini calendar in town.

Anyone buying a single drop of this?

Well the great trip part is the only accurate part and that was due to the good company of new found hunting buddies from the site.

The weather was a big downer. 40-50 degree days and the last two days came with 30-45 mph steady winds.
Saw very few birds.

So we reload for next year and get back at it.
As much as I absolutely love the Kansas landscape next year I may have to shift some of my trips toward S.D. until the birds recover a bit in KS.
Pray for good weather.