Any pheasants survive after last winter?


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I know this last winter was terrible for everyone and everything. Just wondered if any pheasants survived? I have hunted around the Bismarck area and was sad to see this last winter's brutality, especially when most of the marshes were "hayed". Just wondered if anyone is seeing if any pheasants survived?


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Pheasants left

I don't know about Bismarck. I hunt around Ashley and Zeeland ND. They lost a few birds during the last big snow. I was up there a few weeks ago checking on the house because there was alot of water around Zeeland. I saw plenty of birds around. Lot of hens. If they don't get rained out this spring I think it will be good for me this year. Another plus, the water is so high now that the pheasants have to be already on high ground laying eggs.



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Until we learn what the spring crow counts are it's anyone's guess. I will say this though, much of the state saw a brutal winter and I personally have been in contact with people in the SW portion of the state where old man winter was especially brutal and there was high mortality during much of the winter months. The SW has one thing going for it and that is the population going into last winter was very high so even with high winter mortality, a favorable nesting season still should produce a decent season this fall.
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I was just out in the Northwest ND. Still some around. What I noticed about the whole area is how much the CRP fields are matted down from heavy snow. and the grass in the shelterbelts and homesites is packed to the ground. The birds that survived must be very tough.