All wind no rain, dang drought


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Mostly wind last night!
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It's bad here in NE OK. I am getting so sick and tired of rain in the forecast and they miss it EVERY time. I should have been a meteorologist.
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SEK was, is dry and we across the border in MO were dry till recently. It has gotten better in the region the last ten days, but we were sweatin it. Now hopefully we won't get our 8-10 inch downpour during a week this year. It's about right for the birds here now if it'll maintain and rain a little at a time.
I was out Friday at work doing a prescribed burn on some old mesquite piles from a few years back. Quail galore whistling away. I saw 3 pairs near the bar ditch, which I believe we're moving away from the smoke. I have found only one nest so far. But if we don't get some rain soon, all of last years gain will be lost. I know that there is plenty of time for several renest attempts, but was hoping for another big nesting year!
Okie, looks to change towards the middle of next week. Could get good much needed rain for 5 or 6 days. Chances are 40% up to 80% I sure hope so. I know it is too late for some, but let's turn this around. My friend in Kansas has a customer in Okla. He already told him not to come down because it got zeroed out. Wheat and Canola.
It's not too late, I just would have liked to see more rain for this early nesting season. We are dryer now then 2010-2011. Stock ponds almost dry, wheat crop being bailed. Enough said right there!
Then the chemicals come out to spray and kill any volunteer Wheat. Of course if it doesn't rain, volunteer Wheat won't be a problem. How were your Turkey numbers this year? Are you seeing a drop in them? Hope your Quail get at least one hatch off. I wish pheasants were programed to do more then one if conditions were right. Praying you see some rain this week Okie!!
It isn't just SW Okla. that is dry. I drove from Tulsa to Wichita, KS last week. From what I could see from interstates 412 & 35 most of the ponds were basically dry and the wheat was in dire shape. Once into KS the crisis didn't look as bad but they could use some moisture as well. Rain is needed here though in the worst way.....:(

It looks like it's shaping up to be one of the drier years of this drought so far up here. Supposed to rain this week and pretty good too. It's been a cold, windy, dry spring here.
I'm east of Tulsa about 30 miles and its starting to get dry here again. We really need the rain state wide as the drought is really spreading again. Drought monitors here in NE OK continue to get worse.