A Day with the Pooches

Did a little better today. The rain stayed away and it was too muddy to work so better go hunting!! Found 3 coveys and ended up with 6 on the day. Hunted till about 11. Got kind of hot this afternoon. Ran into a covey of about 6 week old birds. Didn't realize it till I had one in hand or I wouldn't have shot. Dogs pointed about 8 of the singles too. Had to let em fly but it was fun to watch em all fly into the best escape cover out there. Seems like they know where to go even when they are rookies. Got some good dog action on em though. The other 2 covies were older birds and much more sly. But they caught me on a good day 6/6 and didn't lose any. Had to put serious miles on the boots to find em and no one else I talked to seemed to be doing very well so maybe I just got lucky, but I'll take it. Found an antler too. Like I said, way better than work or voting polls!!

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We went out today with perfect weather. Still a little muddy in places but that's why I'm getting to hunt so can't complain. Found 2 more nice coveys today. Had to put the miles on once again but the puppy is starting to show some real desire. My young setter had a bit of a hard mouth today and yesterday on retrieves so probably gonna have to go back for some reinforcement there. My old dog still hunts good and efficient but can definitely see her slowing down. The dogs really didn't want to come out of the box for the pic today. Been hunting the last few days in some pretty thick and thorny areas. So a can of soft food and a doggy pain pill and they are out for the night!

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