2021 Season


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I don't remember which member shared info on the Mountain Made gloves ($30). Hunting sub zero temps in ND in December is challenging. These gloves lived up to the recommendation. Two important things I have found is to a) wear the gloves enroute to your hunting spot. I like about ten minutes prior. This allows the inside to warm up and the fingers to stay toasty. Too often I would hop out of the truck without gloves, get the dogs out, put shells in the gun, mess with phone and/or GoPro and my fingers would start out cold and uphill battle to warm up ensued. The second thing I have found is that my hands will sweat in these when the cardio gets going. Having a second pair and rotate I find to be beneficial. I ordered XL which is what I would normally wear but think the L would fit better. I have little trouble taking an 870 express off safe and getting into the trigger guard. I too hope you find the solution because cold fingers sucks!
I’m always searching for a warm gloves when the temp is around zero. For $30, these might be my next pair to try.


I know there expensive... but I swear by the mountain gloves from sitka...... lightly insulated but have windstopper which is a big bonus.... I have 3 pair same size. Same color. They the ticket


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How did everyone do this past season? I'm interested in knowing how other hunters do compared to my results here in Minnesota.

I went 7 times between mid November 18 and December 30 and put 17 roosters in the bag which is 2.43 birds/trip.
In 2020, I went 8 times during a similar time span and tallied 19 roosters. So pretty much the same the last 2 seasons.

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Sage and I harvested two less than 2020/2021. Some factors played into that, but overall, pheasant numbers were steady in my corner of the world. We received some very timely rains in the later part of the summer that helped green things up and provide more habitat in the early to midseason. With quality weather during nesting/brood rearing season, I have no doubt that our numbers would jump up noticeably.


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I was eerily close to the same total harvested this year as I was the year before. Roughly 90 roosters that I shot and another 50 shot by others who hunted with me. I hunt approximately 35 days with weekends, holidays and vacations and usually one night during the week I can hunt after work. I am blessed and know that this frequency of hunting may not always be the case.