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    Found GSP SW of Dickinson ND

    I have no affiliation with this company, but have used their products and their advice is sound: Put YOUR name on your dog, not your DOG'S name on his collar
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    A Day in the Field

    “I don't know if the Lord cares about pheasant hunting the way I do.” Great line, I often wonder the same thing.
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    Interesting Conversation Yesterday...

    Coincidentally, Petco just announced they are no longer selling dog shock collars. People tend to think a shock collar can fix any problem. Definitely need a foundation of obedience first before overlaying corrections with an e-collar.
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    Pheasants of the Mind

    I hang them in the shed when the temps are steady at 50 degrees or less.
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    No Federal Prairie Storm- Clear skies in MN

    South Dakota Redemption
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    Dog bell

    No bell, beeper on point mode in tall cover.
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    German short hair

    Where are you located? Best bet would be check with the local NAVHDA chapter.
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    How-to Article

    If I was willing to pay for pheasant hunting information, I would not be on a free hunting forum. We’re talking about pheasants, not COVID vaccines.