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    Best way to plant pen raised quail for hunting?

    Best way to plant pen raised quail for hunting for guests that come every year for the opener? Thank you!
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    Fall Numbers

    Northcentral Kansas seems extremely spotty with pheasants, quail looks alright. Probably going to be a below-average year again....happy hunting.
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    Kirwin NWR

    Kirwin the self-proclaimed "goose capital of Kansas" used to be a gem. I remember as a little boy my father and I had a pit lease and would do very well with the Giant Canada geese. But over the last ten years something must've happened with the migration...all Kirwin gets now is snow geese, and...
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    North central Kansas

    Well, as far as the reports from everyone and the state. I will testify for them and say they are pretty accurate at least here in north central Kansas. Where I have family ground. The quail are everywhere..the pheasants are simply not there. The spots that are usually very good for...
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    Deer Hunting

    Little too early for the rut, I won't hit the stand till around Halloween through Thanksgiving. Anyone been out yet?
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    anyone seeing any broods yet?
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    Farthest east You've shot a Kansas rooster

    Just curious whats the farthest in eastern kansas any hunter has shot a pheasant?
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    Are there going to be birds this year?

    Pheasant season starts in two months!
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    Broods/wheat harvest

    Anyone seeing any broods yet, especially with wheat harvest starting in southern and central Kansas
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    Wheat harvest

    last couple days wheat harvest is really going in full swing..any reports on bird numbers while cutting?
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    This could be a dumb question to ask..but how big does the hail have to be to kill birds? Does all hail kill?
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    Prairie Chickens/Pheasants

    Do pheasants and Prairie chickens Cohabitate? Or do they try to avoid each other does anyone know any info on this. Do they tolerate each other? Has anyone ever seen pheasants and prairie chickens feeding together or just together in general? I'm asking this because I recently shot my first...
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    Hunt Wednesday

    Me and buddy went back to family ground in northwest kansas..Hunted a day and we saw around 60 pheasants and about 4 covey day and few single and double quail..overall just got to work hard for birds..quail are up..but pheasants i still think are down..but still alright
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    Outfitter hiring part time waterfowl guide

    Not one of those guys looking for a place to hunt or taking advantage of people for places to hunt..just wondering if anyone knows anyone need help taking clients out goose/duck hunting part time job .like helping put out decoys, brush blinds..scout..just a college kid coming upon Christmas...
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    Opening Weekend plans

    Opening weekend is a family tradition..All of us come together to celebrate, and to hunt. We also bring three guys from arkansas that love to hunt birds. What is everyone else's plans?