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    New to MN

    Hi Everyone, I'm pretty new to MN and am looking forward to meeting some fellow pheasant hunters and learning the places to hunt for pheasant or grouse. I've got a 3 year old GSP. She works the field pretty well and listens well to commands but is still polishing up on finding birds and...
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    Advice on public hunting near Pierre

    Hi Everybody, I'm originally from Oregon but living in Minnesota for the time being and with SD so close I can't give up the chance to set up a hunting trip to the Pheasant Capital with my Grandpa. He's the one who taught me to hunt and taken me on countless trips in Oregon from hunting...
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    New to MN and UPH

    Hello, I'm originally from Oregon and definitely missing the mountains and forests of the West Coast, but I'm learning to like Minnesota and the snow that comes with it. I'm looking forward to learning the hunting scene out here with my new (first) bird dog, a GSP named Belle. Any training...