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    Opening day grouse eastern Nebraska

    That’s a good day! I have been in Valentine since yesterday and have done 17 miles, the dogs have done 60 and we have seen 11 birds and 10 of them were one family group. The other an adult male by himself. Shot 3. Numbers seems down this year. I am walking spots that in years past I would find...
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    The last 2 years at the bottoms of most draws with good cover and water I got into pheasants. It was good work for my dogs since the season was not open yet. It was not giant flushes, but a few birds here or there. This is also limited exposure, I only hunted valentine for a day and a half. It...
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    I plan to be in the Sandhills for the opener. If the weather will cooperate. I have hunted valentine nwr the last 4 years but only in October on my way to SD. I have never hunted at the start of the season. I have never found many grouse on valentine. (Lots of pheasants though) . Most of the...
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    First time hunting KS.. wiha??? A joke??

    Well I am here now on my first Kansas trip. I have hunted NE and SD extensively the past 5 years and Kansas has always been a drive thru state for me. I am now seeing it probably should stay that way. What is going on the WIHA program here? I am hunting out of Oakley in NW as of now and I bet...
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    Benelli ultralight upland PS

    I have had the itch for a while to make a big purchase and this gun has caught my eye, the BUL upland performance shop. It comes with a nifty price tag but I feel it’s worth it with the upgrades included. I have found very little info or reviews on this gun on the web. Do any of you guys...
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    First Bird Hunting Trip to MT

    I have hunted Montana quite a bit in the past but only for Big Game. I have hunted all along the Milk River and Down the Yellowstone towards Miles City so i am familiar with the country. Myself and group of buddies have a trip planned for this season on the Pheasant Opener. We will have quite...