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    Electric heat for a truck topper?

    Anyone use a electric ceramic heater for the topper to keep the dogs warm in late season? Thinking of purchasing a small Lasko heater to at least keep it above 50 for the springers. They are kept in crates in the back of a topper so they cannot tip it over.
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    Nice to have hunting dogs place in trials

    Had a great weekend and got my springer Fast Tracks Upland Chase to place both days. A first in the Amateur and a second in the open. Great to have a MN judge and a Oregon judge out here in California. Nice to have judges that have a lot experience.
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    Gifts for Landowners

    When a farmers allows you to hunt their property, What is a good gift of appreciation? We have 3 of us hunting for a couple of days per season. I was thinking a frozen ham along with candy for the Mrs. What do you guys do? Thanks.