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    Info on Boots, and a few more things

    I'm partial to Bean Boots. Have no trouble with cold feet .
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    Irish Upland Supply Company?

    I'd go with " knee length man dress " !!
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    How to Shoot a Bird

    Butt, Beak, BANG !!!
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    A common tip

    I have my female lab trained to sit on a whistle toot. Can stop her on a runner as well if she gets too far in front. Saves a lot of running to keep up for this old cowboy !!
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    Prairie Grouse, partridge, and other assorted upland birds

    My personal feeling is the birds with white meat are better tasting. Ruffed grouse & pheasants, ruffed grouse being the BEST !!.
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    I have on my bucket list bagging a Prairie Chicken. My folks always talked about how much fun they were to hunt in the early 40's in central WI. . None left around here, but wondering if some might be found in South Dakota ?
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    New pheasant shotgun??

    I actually prefer seasoned guns such as a Model 12, model 31, or an A5. Plus there is the leftover $$$ for trips and shells.
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    Winchester Super X High Brass 20 Gauge

    They will do nicely if sent to the proper address . Have killed a lot of pheasants and ducks with 3/4 oz shells before we became Magnum obsessed . Of course that was with lead shot. .
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    Is Remington back in production? When can orders be placed?

    Might get a takeoff from Wenig or Coles.
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    Is Remington back in production? When can orders be placed?

    Also could try Gunbroker.
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    Brittany search

    I just had a 3 tr old French Britt that I re homed because she wouldn't stay home !! Spent her nights on my lap in front of the TV. Got to the point I was being ignored! We went to public land and she was a peach but not around home ! Had to go as she was going to get hit by a car ! She is...
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    Am I the only one

    I'm getting a headache !!
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    870 Wingmaster

    I'm a duck hunter so all my shotguns are plugged. Usually when the opportunity for a triple presets itself I miss the first shot !!!
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    Fiocchi 12 Guage shells

    They will work just fine if sent to the right address. Doubt you could tell the difference. They will however kick the snot out of you !!